Jim & Nancy Plunkett
Jim & Nancy Plunkett
My involvement in Lhasa Apsos began in 1970, when I was fortunate enough to become acquainted with Norman and Carolyn Herbel through my friendship with their daughter, Carmen. Having always loved dogs, it was a wonderful opportunity for me to learn about Apsos from the ground up; starting with the basic care and grooming of the breed and eventually working my way up to the show and breeding aspect of what ultimately became a lifetime commitment.
The close relationship begun in those early years with the Herbel family has endured through more
than three decades and, though we now live many miles apart, the Tabu PA breeding program continues to hold true to those original principles first established by Norman and Carolyn Herbel of Tabu.

My husband Jim and I now reside, along with our many Apsos, in the beautiful rolling hills of south-central Pennsylvania (PA).
Our lives with the dogs have been very fulfilling thus far. Among other things, the years have seen us become ROM breeders of numerous champion Lhasa Apsos, including the Grand Victor at the 2004 American Lhasa Apso National Specialty; Nancy authored the book "A New Owners Guide To Lhasa Apsos" (TFH) and established the Measurement Certification Program for the American Lhasa Apso Club, which keeps statistics on the height, length and weight of our Apsos.
Finally, no words can express how much our work with the incredibly talented dog photographers, Jeannie and Bane Harrison, of Close Encounters Of The Furry Kind, has meant to us.Their ability to capture the heart and soul of our wonderful Apsos in their photographs, enabling us to share their magic with so many others, means more to us than any title, any win or any trophy ever could. Thank you Jeannie and Bane!

Nancy Plunkett
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Photo taken by Close Encounters Of The Furry Kind